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Die Weltenlüge

"The World Lie 1" - book volume all 4 parts

"The World Lie 1" - book volume all 4 parts

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Entire BOOK VOLUME “The World Lie 1” Parts 1-4. A workbook for the (newly) spiritual person. If you don't know how things are connected, you will always look for the solution to your problems in the wrong place! And because the lie is deeply anchored in the world, you're definitely looking in the wrong place. The book describes tomorrow's tasks with tomorrow's solutions. Often outside the currently used framework of thought. Even Albert Einstein said in the last years of his life: “We need a significantly new way of thinking if humanity is to stay alive.” By working through the book volume “Die Weltenlüge 1” (especially level 7), the reader gains a new awareness and with it a REALITY that no longer knows any boundaries. The entire volume of books is only available at a discount here in the shop.

Part 1 “The World Lie 1” – The main work – A workbook for the (newly) spiritual person for the transformation from the 3rd to the 5th dimension. In seven levels of knowledge to a new consciousness.

The world lie gives you the chance to develop. You can take care of the world lie because your truth is behind it. A truth that helps you not to develop further, but to develop again. This is your development. The world lie offers you this important resistance and this pressure turns a coal into a diamond. If you understand it, the illness or problem is your best teacher. It actively shows you what you can change in your life. This thought will also first develop in you. In the same way, all your knowledge will develop out of you again. This is the great potential of your development. Everything is in you. You couldn't tell the sourness in a lemon if you hadn't tasted it first? You wouldn't recognize blue if you didn't have an idea of ​​the color blue. The word “notice” also carries the word memory within itself. Everything you notice is already built within you. You are everything.

Part 2 – “The World’s Lie 1” – The day the angels started speaking to me!

The astonishing observation of (my) encounter with the spiritual world. First contact – Something happened to me in 2013 that I could never have imagined back then. My impression is that there was a direct, personal encounter with the spiritual world and the angels. This otherworldly contact was just as real to me as if they had been standing right in front of me. What it was like back then, what I was able to experience and how the story unfolded roughly chronologically is what I describe here based on my notes with the date. At the time, moved by this miracle, I carefully wrote it down in my cell phone. It was kind of like a crash course in dealing with the spiritual world. I now call the collection of texts “The Day the Angels Began to Speak to Me.”

Part 3 – “The World Lie 1” – Phenomena of Reality!

Everyday life & aspects of (my) life in the (new) BEING. My practice – A life along the path of life – Prof. Dr. Dr. Harald Walach from the Medical University of Poznan said in an interview: “Phenomena really exist, but you have to differentiate between phenomena, theories or considerations. Perception in the context of a certain worldview is also based on a certain PRE-image of the world. If we have such PRE-positions in which such phenomena do not occur, then of course we do not see them. Only if we completely omit the PRE position that we normally have, then it is actually no problem to perceive these phenomena.”

Part 4 – “The World Lie 1” – LEVEL 7! The 16 UNUSVERSUS skills.

The most important exercises and implementation examples for a direct encounter with your true impact potential! – By working through the 16 UNUSVERSUS skills described, you can gradually become aware of and access your true potential as a human being. With your new UNUSVERSUS consciousness you have more power than you currently have the courage to even dream of! It doesn't matter whether you start doing the exercises today or in a few years. Everything has its time! You are the master of your life!

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