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3 pieces IQ DAY TINK® 20ml - FIT FOR THE DAY - 3 month ration!

3 pieces IQ DAY TINK® 20ml - FIT FOR THE DAY - 3 month ration!

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Get your 3-month supply for the IQ DAY-TINK©
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Delivery quantity 3x20ml, 100% natural garlic extract, naturally emulsified

Virtually water-soluble, garlic oil has an exceptional absorption rate. Taking it can lead to felt more life energy in everyday life and improved mental performance within a few days. Thanks to the specially developed manufacturing process, there is no indirect body odor despite taking the garlic cure. The original recipe of the Tibetan garlic cure is said to have been developed by monks in Tibet 2,000 to 3,000 years before Christ and discovered in 1971 on old clay tablets in monastery ruins and was considered a kind of panacea at the time. It is known as a natural antibiotic, a strong antioxidant, as a blood and vessel cleanser (has a positive effect on varicose veins) and is said to rejuvenate the organism (vascular system) by around 16 years.

The IQ DAY-TINK© is currently available in 6 flavors and effects:

Pure (classic effect - better thinking, more vitality)
Sun - lemon peel extract (classic effect + invigorating)
Gabriel - Orange peel extract (classic effect + relaxing)
Friendship - Peppermint ((classic effect + refreshing)
Heart Strophanthin ((classic effect + heart consciousness)
Love - Founder Blend ((classic effect + heart/mind connection)

The intake scheme: in the morning 15 drops (with a body weight of approx. 80 kg) drip directly onto the tongue and keep in the mouth for a few minutes (salivate), increase or reduce the amount of drops as required.

Currently experienced range of effects: The participants ( report the following experiences: better, faster thinking, more energy/vitality in everyday life, better falling asleep and staying asleep, better digestion, pleasant for the heart and circulation, felt stronger immune system, felt stronger hair and connective tissue, fresher Appearance, perceived energetic protection, perceived anti-aging and much more. More information at

Ingredients: bio ethanol, garlic. For the production of the IQ DAY-TINK© 100 g of garlic are used in 100 ml of 96% bio-ethanol. After adding the plant minerals, the alcohol content of the extract is reduced to 58%.

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