Collection: Your share of the MYF20

Three steps to success

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How it works:

1.) Expand your business as an IQ garlic ambassador and be one of the first 333 to secure a commission of EUR 6,750 (= approx. EUR 20,000 of your own sales).

2.) Or buy a two-year package of IQ-TINKs with the MYF20 voucher code and pay immediately. 12 pieces of 20ml IQ DAY TINK or 40 pieces of 5ml effectiveness tester will be delivered on request or from August 23 per month. A maximum of five shares may be purchased per person.

3.) MYF20 commissions split across 333 will start to be paid out in early 2025. Offer valid while stocks last. The beneficiary participant will be informed separately about his MYF20 status.

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