Team & Partner - Menschen im "Hintergrund"

Team & Partner - People in the "Background"

Who are we... Life has brought us together:

Dietmar Konrad Schwarz, the Austrian finder , grew up in the Bucklige Welt in Lower Austria as the son of a host family. As the founder and initiator of IQ garlic, he has already overcome many personal challenges. His vision is to help people reach their full potential and live effective and fulfilling lives. His concern is the health and well-being of individuals and society.

Raffael Kemenczy, the prince of our team , combines an impressive range of skills and knowledge that enable him to operate at the highest level in different areas. His extraordinary ability to network allows him to skillfully bring people, ideas and resources together.

Sandra Mosch, the master of visual power from the east , is an outstanding designer specializing in the creation of logos and other visual elements. With her unique creativity and sense of perfection, she creates designs that reach another dimension. Sandra Mosch is regarded as one of Austria's finest designers and her work is a testament to her talent and dedication to perfection. Her commitment to outstanding design and her contribution make us proud to have Sandra Mosch on our team.

Jürgen Unterhauser, the expert on effective German texts , is known for his ability to write texts that are not only informative but also persuasive. His skill lies in finding the right word to convey a clear and effective message. Jürgen Unterhauser has a deep understanding of the German language and his creativity enables him to create texts that leave a lasting impression on the reader. He is a master at converting information into value by inspiring readers to act.

Rene magnet. With perfection and ease , he has the ability to process and organize complex information with ease. With his attention to detail and striving for perfection, he ensures that every information management project runs smoothly and efficiently. His ability to handle different tasks at the same time makes him a real all-rounder. Rene Magnet brings not only his expertise, but also a positive and easy-going attitude that inspires and motivates the team.

Geist & Anhnen - an inexhaustible pool of possibilities - We believe in the power of the spirit and the wisdom of our ancestors, who provide us with endless resources for personal development and spiritual expansion. The essence of past experts from different disciplines creates a spiritual space for personal growth, deep insights and a connection to our spiritual roots on this earth.

Die Wibel - The Book of Seven Seals - The Vision is to tell a unique story that takes the reader into its world, its magic, its secrets and its adventures. The Wibel is the literary bridge to the development of different abilities and talents of the individual in order to make his own impressive world accessible to him. The Wibel, the book of the seven seals, becomes an unforgettable experience and reality engine for every reader, beyond all previous VOR positions.

Our IQ Garlic Ambassadors - The Realization. We are deeply grateful to the IQ Garlic Ambassadors for helping us in a unique way to spread the word about our IQ Garlic Energy Tinctures©. By helping to free our fellow human beings from stress, lack of energy and illness, they can devote themselves again to the beauty of life. We all benefit from this. Together we create the world we want to live in - a world where relationships and children are happy, where parents and grandparents are healthy, where friends, colleagues and neighbors are thriving, where businesses and employees are thriving, and where students, scientists, athletes, writers and artists can do their best; and for the good of all. We cordially invite you to register now as an IQ garlic ambassador and also to participate in the project in this way. More information & registration on the page: IQ Ambassador:in

Our partners: - The Association for Neighborhood Help is an inspiring milieu for innovation and community. In addition to researching garlic tincture, the association has set itself the task of strengthening neighborhoods and building a solidarity network to support people in difficult life situations. The association offers the space for innovative thinking, cooperation and empathy in order to master the challenges of everyday life together.

The VEREIN-UNG - the magazine and medium of the new age - A team of creative minds who are passionate about journalism and the dissemination of inspiring stories. As a POSITIVE medium, the VEREIN-UNG wants to use the power of the written word to change the world holistically. They firmly believe that positive reporting is what expands people's awareness, promotes positive change and can inspire people around the world to reach their full potential. A magazine experience that is unique in this form and provides readers with relevant and inspiring content. The medium of the new era wants to have a positive influence on society and encourage people to achieve their dreams.

Our garlic farmers - making the impossible possible. With their dedication and expertise in organic farming, they have found a way to grow and harvest the highest quality garlic. Their commitment to sustainable and organic farming and their pursuit of excellence have made our IQ Partners pioneers in the industry. Together they work to protect and promote traditional farming practices and prove that it is possible to produce healthy and tasty food in an environmentally friendly way. Their dedication and determination make them true heroes of garlic cultivation.

UNDA & Verein, Gerd Unterweger, the life therapist - Gerd Unterweger was and is one of our important researchers, companions and mentors. Our TINKs are tested and further developed for the different directions of action using his specially developed test procedures. Gerd is a sensitive and experienced professional who supports people on their way to a fulfilling and healthy life.

Robert Urbanczyk, the Kraków power of connection , is a standout member of our team. He has an extraordinary ability to bring people and ideas together. As an expert in network building and cooperation, he is able to build relationships and create synergies between different companies and industries. His expertise in creating win-win situations makes him a valuable resource for our team.

Andreas Kornherr WKO - 1000 visions, one support - As a consultant to the WKO, Andreas Kornherr is an important support for our company. With his extensive expertise and his passion for innovation and entrepreneurship, he supports us in achieving our goals. His commitment to the success of our projects is relentless and his appreciation of entrepreneurial excellence is inspirational. Andreas Kornherr not only contributes his expertise, but also a positive energy that motivates the entire team.

Manfred Fassl - man of action - he turns ideas into reality and drives projects forward. He is an investor, experienced organizer and networker. With his extensive expertise and many years of experience, he is able to lead projects to success and get the best out of every situation. With his network and his ability to connect people, he creates synergies and opportunities for mutual growth and success. Manfred Fassl is a valuable part of our team and brings his skills and dedication to every task he tackles.

Gregor Wille - A Tyrolean Alchemist - who has a passion for exploring the mystical world of alchemy. Gregor Wille has been working in this fascinating field for many years and has perfected his knowledge of centuries-old traditions and secret techniques. His deep connection to nature and his dedication to extracting the best from the natural elements make him a true alchemist. With his unique formulas and innovative thinking, Gregor Wille has already supported numerous people on their way to holistic well-being. He uses his extensive knowledge and experience to help people find a harmonious balance between body, mind and spirit.

PL-Solutions - The Vitality of Logistics - The dedicated team consists of logistics professionals who bring their passion for efficiency, accuracy and innovation to every aspect of their work. With their extensive experience and expertise, they offer tailor-made solutions to the challenges of modern supply chains. Together they work every day to ensure smooth processes, optimize customer service and increase customer success. With their dynamic approach and striving for excellence, they ensure that the logistics processes are lively, effective and always at the cutting edge of technology. A team that embodies the dynamism and vitality of the logistics industry.

Kombipack CEE Verpackungsservice GmbH - a company dedicated to the harmony of people and traditions. The dedicated team consists of packaging service experts who bring their passion for quality, efficiency and sustainability to every task. The company prides itself on preserving traditional values ​​and combining them with modern approaches to offer its customers world-class packaging solutions. Together they work to understand their customers' needs and develop customized solutions that exceed their expectations. The team members are dedicated, highly motivated and bring their expertise to give each project a personal touch.

Company E3 Ms. Reiselhuber-Schmölzer - The ingenious game with the norm. With their help, our labels are carefully designed and inform our customers about the composition and application of our products. With creativity and expertise, she ensures that our dietary supplements stand out from the crowd and offer customers real added value.

AGES - Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety GmbH - Safety & Welfare. Health and nutrition experts are committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of the population. Their goal is to minimize health risks and ensure high-quality care. You identify, evaluate and communicate risks. Our top priority is to create a healthy and safe environment for everyone.

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