Sprüche aus der Knoblauchwelt ;)

Sayings from the garlic world ;)

In a garlicky healthy body resides a garlicky healthy mind.

When angels travel, the heavens burst into flames.

Life without garlic is like a day without sunshine - it just lacks some brightness!

The garlic makes the music.

A garlicky hour strikes for the lucky ones.

The Lord gives it to his in his garlicky sleep.

The garlic in the hand is better than the garlic on the roof.

Garlic heals all wounds.

Fresh garlic is half the battle.

God's mills grind slowly but surely.

Good garlic makes you forget all your worries.

The truth is in the garlic.

Eat garlicky warm and drink garlicky cold, then you will live garlicky hundred years.

No matter how steep the mountain, it's always possible with garlic.

Everyone is the smith of their own garlic.

Each pot has its garlic pipette.

Come garlic, come advice.

Love garlic through the stomach.

Garlic Hour catches the worm.

Speech is silver, garlic is gold.

Nor was Rome fed on a clove of garlic.

Garlic energizes the abdomen and makes the old young again.

With garlic you can extend life without wrinkles.

Garlic in the morning, drives away sorrow and worry.

Garlic for the hair, makes the hairstyle wonderful.

If hair growth is minimized, garlic is guaranteed to help.

Today's garlic tincture makes people happy and healthy.

If the garlic cure is on everyone's lips, you can also kiss in the round.

Garlic isn't everything, but without garlic, everything is nothing.

If you want to see like an eagle, put garlic in your veins.

Gray mouse or Aphrodite, the garlic tincture will get you centered.

I can't cook without garlic. This is my unpeeled truth!

A life without garlic is like a pizza without cheese - something crucial is missing!

If you can get the garlic tincture today, don't put it off until tomorrow.

Life without garlic is possible, but pointless.

Who cares about the question, garlic is the answer.

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