Unsere FAQs zum Knoblauch IQ-TINK für Fortgeschrittene … und warum wir selbst NIEMALS einen BARCODE auf die Flasche geben werden!

Our FAQs on Garlic IQ-TINK for advanced users... and why we will NEVER put a BARCODE on the bottle ourselves!

The shop is ready, the ambassador software is ready to use, labels and boxes are selected. There was a lot to do: marketing material had to be filled in and much more. But after the work is done, the creative night at the Wienerberg often comes and with a sip of “Schnaps-TINK” ;) from dad everything is much easier ;) This is when my wife enters her creative phase. Due to her foreign origin, she views the German language a bit differently, with a deeper meaning of the words. and if you process 30,000 thoughts/words every day, after a day's work, you sometimes have to catch up at night and now I can put it down on paper. Here we present the Frequently Asked Questions for advanced users.

Garlic IQ-TINK.com Advanced FAQs:

  • Why don't we ever trade?
Because our bottles can roll! We not only want to conquer the market, but also every continent!
  • Why do we never put a barcode on the bottle?
Because a roll doesn't have a barcode either! Our TINKs are unique and cannot be captured with simple barcodes. Maybe we should just flip the barcode and see what happens. 999? Sounds like a secret message from another dimension!?
  • Where do our herbs and garlic come from?
During our last visit to the garlic farmer, Nela apparently had a knack for replanting chillies. One employee was so surprised he thought they had a new employee. Thank you Nela and thank you also to the Stekovics family. We were then given the garlic. And by the way, our herbs are harvested by ourselves, in Austrian they use the expression "gfladert", or even better: gift of nature ;)
  • Who is the bottler of our tinctures?
A traditional Austrian company.
  • How do our TINKs get into health stores?
Best with the Hillinger method. First of all, we buy a lot ourselves. After a few weeks we ask if they might have something effective too? Eg. a concentrated garlic tincture, maybe even practically water soluble?
  • What is our quality standard?
Do you know that? You can't write "organic" on it even though it's 100% organic. Because many people still rely on anonymous labels, we will also get the organic certificate.
  • What is our mission?
Our mission is to save the world and at the same time make a well-known and unique medicinal plant accessible to people again. We know that garlic has transformative power and quickly improves the well-being and health of humans, animals and plants. By developing and offering our IQ-TINK products, we want to highlight the positive effects of garlic and ensure that everyone can reap the benefits of this extraordinary plant. Our goal is to inspire people to take their health into their own hands and integrate the magic of garlic into their lives. Together we can change the world in a healthy and tasty way!
  • Who does the logistics?
We will support a fair wage policy in the future and therefore commission a local logistics partner to handle the deliveries. It is a small and committed family business in Klosterneuburg (Vienna) and mainly one employee will be responsible for processing the mailings of the TINKs.
  • How much does the logistics cost us?
The shipping packaging costs us €1.5 and we pay an additional €3 for handling. In addition, there are the costs for the parcel service, for example €4 for shipping in Austria and €9 for shipping to Germany. In the most favorable case, our cost price for a delivery is 9€ for packages up to 5kg for delivery within Austria.
  • Who makes the combinations and packages?
A company dedicated to the harmony of people and traditions. The company prides itself on preserving traditional values ​​and combining them with modern approaches to offer its customers world-class packaging solutions. By the way, the old boss has the apartment in the company. She saves that she can pay the employees a reasonable salary.
  • Can you use our tinctures as perfume?
We don't recommend it, but you can always have a trial discount from our IQ Garlic Ambassadors. For you and your better half. You smell better in a collective!
  • What happens if you bring our tincture to a vampire party?
There could be interesting reactions. Be careful, however, and respect vampires' personal preferences. I think in addition to silver water and hawthorn you won't have very many vampire friends in the future.
  • Can you use our tinctures as a garlic breath preserver?
There is no scientific evidence for this, but our experience shows that garlic is a teeth whitening agent and not many of these tooth decay bacteria are good at keeping in the mouth. So a dose of garlic in the morning might save you a lot of dental worries.
  • Can our tinctures also be used as a love elixir?
Yes, and how! You practically become a garlic lover:in
  • How many IQ-TINKs does it take to become Superman?
For the first 3 days, put around 15 drops directly on the tongue in the morning and keep it in the mouth (salivate) for a few (3 to 5) minutes. ;) And after your Superman experience, reduce it to a feel-good amount.
  • What is the secret of our tinctures?
It's the unique blend of love, passion and of course lots of garlic. Our TINKs are the result of nightly creative rounds and the conviction that garlic can make the world a little better. It's the magic of garlic combined with our love and passion for healthy energy.
  • How many TINKs can you take per day?
During production, Nela sometimes takes 30,000 times the recommended daily dose. Our 4 kilogram dog Riki saved himself the side effects of a stroke for two years with five times the daily dose, until he visited his dog parents again at the age of 17.
  • What happens if you take too many TINKs?
You might feel invincible and want to conquer the world with garlic.
  • How many IQ-TINKs does it take to change the world?
It doesn't take many TINKs to change the world. It just takes people like you willing to share that energy.
  • Why should people choose our tinctures?
Because we know the power of garlic and know that it has the potential to enrich people's lives in the long term.
  • Can you get rich as an IQ Garlic Ambassador:in?
Yes. Garlic connects body, soul and spirit! Health and energy is perhaps the greatest wealth in human life.

    I may close this list with a quote from my wise(s) wife: "You want to be in control of your life, then help yourself to our garlic shop!" Nela awakened ;)

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