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"Garlic oil must be healthy..."

Do you know the saying “Garlic oil has to be healthy, that’s what my grandfather and grandmother always used”?

The statement reveals an extremely interesting aspect. Especially since it feels like every second customer does it. If you think about it, many questions come to mind. Why isn't garlic used as much today? Where are the 1,000 garlic tincture manufacturers worldwide? Where is the knowledge of yesteryear?

At first glance, there are no plausible answers to these questions. It seems that knowledge about the long history of garlic's use and its healing properties has not been passed on in the last two generations.

Or do you know a doctor who recommends people take a garlic extract instead of writing a prescription for a chemical blood thinner?

The association has followed this lead and through its work has revived the centuries-old knowledge about the special nature of garlic. We are currently in the process of gradually rediscovering the numerous positive effects of garlic on the body, mind and soul and bringing this wonderful natural home remedy back into people's collective consciousness.

Thanks to the enthusiasm of our IQ garlic ambassadors, this knowledge reaches the family table and the traditional medicine cabinet. The association has summarized the benefits of an IQ-TINK garlic extract in 5 points in its research project - Valuable Garlic:

1) Extraordinary effectiveness: The positive health effects of garlic have been scientifically proven since the 1970s. Thanks to the practical water-soluble tincture, such as the IQ-TAGES-TINK, the active ingredients contained in garlic, such as organic germanium, allicin, ajoene, quercetin or S-allylcysteine, can develop their full potential in the body, as they are up to 90% better can be absorbed into the body's cells.

2) No indirect body odor: Thanks to a specially developed form of processing the garlic oil, there is no indirect body odor. Users who have specific taste preferences can mix the tincture with essential oils such as lemon, orange or rosemary to vary the taste.

3) Positive reactions from the project participants: Participants in the valuable garlic project report improved thinking performance, more energy in everyday life, better sleep, improved digestion, strengthened immune system, cardiovascular system, hair and connective tissue, energetic protection and a overall fresher look.

4) More life energy through strengthened mitochondria: A randomized controlled study shows that garlic strengthens the mitochondria. The compact guide "Mitochondria - More life energy through healthy cell power plants" by Christian Opitz describes how strengthened cell power plants can help prevent or at least alleviate diseases such as burnout, depression, ulcers and chronic inflammation.

5) Active ingredient reinforcement: The natural components of the practically water-soluble garlic oil penetrate the cell walls and thus serve as a transporter for active ingredients taken as a supplement. This can increase their effect in the body. According to internal reports, the tincture has an invigorating effect when ginseng is added or has a relaxing effect when combined with orange essential oil. The practically water-soluble garlic oil, which is absorbed by the body up to 10 times more effectively, could, in combination with other active ingredients, become the medicine of the new era.

Information collection from the research project

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Project: Valuable garlic

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