- Der erstmals praktisch wasserlösliche Knoblauch Auszug mit einzigartiger Wirkung!

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The (r)evolution of the IQ Knoblauch DAILY TINK: A milestone for investors and generations with foresight

The world may be constantly changing, but some truths remain unchanging. One of those truths is the amazing power of garlic - a legacy we've honored in folk medicine for generations. Although its importance has almost been forgotten in the recent past, garlic is now enjoying a glorious revival thanks to the company The garlic extract IQ DAY TINK embodies the ultimate all-rounder among natural remedies. A groundbreaking innovation and virtually water-soluble extract, it unleashes the diverse healing powers of garlic in its purest and most potent form.

More and more people are discovering the convincing effectiveness of IQ-TINK and are really enthusiastic about the results. We currently supply customers from Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Bosnia, Serbia, USA, Canada and Paraguay. The importance and effectiveness that IQ TINK brings to our lives is priceless.

Invest in a healthy future for everyone with - your best decision!

🌱 A guide to the future of health: not only promises health, but real, sustainable change. This investment goes beyond the financial framework - it is about a transformative power for body, mind and soul.'s Garlic Energy Tincture© offers a unique way to tackle the world's health problems, big and small. From burnout to global challenges like wars and hunger, garlic presents itself as an amazing tool for a sustainable future.

🌟 Innovative product with tradition: brings back the tried and tested all-rounder garlic in its most effective form. This innovative product was developed by to revive the centuries-old knowledge about the healing power of garlic. The highly effective garlic energy tincture© is practically water-soluble and enables up to 90% better absorption of the ingredients in the body. This natural formula offers exceptional potency without the unpleasant odor of traditional garlic. Positive experiences from IQ-TINK ambassadors confirm the many benefits of this tincture for mental performance, energy, sleep quality and more.

💼 Community Commitment to Health: goes beyond a traditional company - it is a movement that unites health, community and prosperity. As an IQ Garlic Ambassador, you will become part of a dedicated community of like-minded people who work together to promote natural health. The IQ Garlic Ambassador community shares the same vision of a world where the healing power of garlic is harnessed to improve quality of life. Become a catalyst for positive change and carry the message of health to help others reach their full potential.

💡 Diverse investment opportunities: offers several attractive investment options. Become an IQ garlic ambassador and secure a share of the MYF20 through active participation. Or use the discount coupon to offer others a discounted purchase while earning 10% sales commission. Until September 10, 23, as an IQ Garlic Ambassador, you will receive a two-year package of IQ-TINKs discounted by 20% - an excellent opportunity to make an additional contribution to the project and secure your products and advertising opportunities.

🌎 For a better, sustainable future: The history of garlic as a remedy goes back thousands of years. continues this legacy and combines it with modern possibilities. This investment goes beyond the individual - it is a step towards a better, sustainable future for all. The natural health revolution has begun and you can be a part of it.

What is Founders Coupon Code MYF20?

The voucher code MYF20 is used by people and companies in German-speaking countries who become aware of the product without being recommended by an IQ garlic ambassador. The customer can find the code on the website, on the 5ml WIRK tester bottle and other advertising material that will be issued directly by in the future. The commission income of this coupon code will be among the first 333 promoters; Employees, partners and IQ garlic ambassadors divided! We are clearly committed to our committed partners & IQ garlic ambassadors & start-up helpers.

Three steps to success - Here's how it works:

1.) Register as an IQ garlic ambassador (here is the link to REGISTRATION) and start or expand your business. You secure your 333 share in the MYF20 if you are one of the first to achieve personal sales of around EUR 20,000 (= around EUR 6750 commission). The beneficiary participant will be informed of their MYF20 status.

2.) OR/AND With the discount voucher, which is valid once, you can enable your friend/customer to buy a 10% discount on a share of the MYF20 and secure a 10% sales commission (750 EUR). Contact us via and receive your 10% voucher code to pass on to your friend/customer.

3.) OR/AND The starting campaign for IQ-Garlic Ambassador:in is valid until September 10, 23 -> Buy as an IQ-Garlic Ambassador:in yourself a two-year package of IQ-TINKs (40 pcs. 5ml effectiveness tester Package for your advertising) reduced by 20% - voucher code MYF20. With this you secure your share of the MYF20. The testers are delivered to you centrally via the logistics of From 2025, the commission income will be paid out and you will benefit for the rest of your life from the incoming commissions that your 333rd share of the voucher code generates. Now to the shop

Offer valid as long as stocks last. Without guarantee. Payouts from MYF20 proceeds will begin in early 2025. A maximum of five shares can be purchased per person or organization.

"Garlic oil must be healthy..." - An expression of trust that we are now leading into the new era. You can now also use the power of garlic in your investment strategy. Become part of this (r)evolution and let us rewrite history together.

Support the project now and invest in a 2-year subscription. With this you secure your lifelong share in the MYF20 - Now to the shop

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