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Die Weltenlüge

Main work "Die Weltenlüge 1" in the reading evening edition

Main work "Die Weltenlüge 1" in the reading evening edition

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The world lie 1

A workbook for the (newly) spiritual person!
160 pages, paperback

The main work “The World Lie 1” Content: A workbook for the (newly) spiritual person. The book is a self-taught and easy-to-read guide through the aspects of human consciousness to transform from the 3rd to the 5th dimension.

LEVEL 1 – Is everything okay in the world?

LEVEL 2 – 54 world lies

LEVEL 3 – The Universal Laws of Nature a game plan?

LEVEL 4 – Man himself is the order?

LEVEL 5 – Get out of the game of creation?

LEVEL 6 – The 5th Dimension, The NEW BEING

The world lie gives you the chance to develop

You can take care of the world lie because your truth is behind it. A truth that helps you not to develop further, but to develop again. This is your development. The world lie offers you this important resistance and this pressure turns a coal into a diamond. You are everything.

Your PREpositions erase the world

By the way, that's also the reason why you're constantly looking. On television, in the newspaper, on the Internet and in this book. You are looking for what is real.

Our human spectrum of impact:

By working through this book (and level 7) you will create a new UNUSVERSUS awareness and with it a new ability to perceive and a REALITY that perhaps no longer knows any boundaries.


The world is changing. People are facing unprecedented challenges in all areas of life. The well-known hamster wheel makes it almost impossible for him to understand what is going on in the areas of health, happiness, success, relationships, science, economics, politics and spirituality and to derive a functioning problem-solving strategy for himself. The author has spent more than 20,000 hours searching for a strategy over the past decade. The book is a self-taught and easy-to-read guide to aspects of human consciousness. Built on a total of seven levels of knowledge, the book shows the reader the possible extent of world lies and the resulting spiritual poisoning in the material and spiritual world. By recognizing its true impact potential, the reader can later turn the RIGHT screws in his life more quickly. The book describes tomorrow's tasks with tomorrow's solutions. Often outside the currently used framework of thought. Even Albert Einstein said at the end of his journey of knowledge: “We need a significantly new way of thinking if humanity is to stay alive.” Working through this book (and Level 7 - ISBN: 978-3-903402-05-8) creates the reader experiences a new UNUSVERSUS awareness and with it a REALITY that perhaps no longer knows any boundaries.


Readers' opinions:

Bernhard K.

The book is a knowledge machine. A bubbling source of inspiration that automatically leads to a higher level of understanding about life. Apparently the 5th dimension is closer than I thought. I'm almost there. Thank you and more information from me will follow.

Karina G.

I think something higher was also written in the book “Die Weltenlüge 1”. The book provides new questions and clarifications across the individual levels (1-7) and is written in such an appreciative way that I, as a reader, was able to allow myself to immerse myself in the thought aspects offered in the book without much resistance. It goes around the world in an exciting way, all the way to the conscious life of BEING. With a deeper understanding of things, it has the potential to work out a solution for all areas of my life (starting with health and lifestyle). I believe that you cannot have this transported understanding of the connections as an author alone. Thanks! and congratulations.

Bernadette A.

For me it is also the truth, the truth of each individual. Just a personal, individual reality. By looking at the levels of lies in this world, you gain more and more understanding of what may actually be real in life. This is good for me and my others too.

Caroline S.

The author says that he has read the book 50 times and I also think that I will read the book more often. While reading, a higher level of perception arises, which opened up completely new topics and fields in the book for me the second time I read it. This is a familiar effect to me, but in this case of the world lie it also pays off.

Jörg R.

Mona Lisa...are the words that keep running through my head when reading the book. Yes, the truth is out there somewhere, not on the television or radio, and you have appropriately described this fact “out there” in your work. The truth haunts you every day anyway, just like the look of the Mona Lisa. No matter which direction you look at Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece, you always get the feeling that Mona Lisa's eyes are following you. It is the same with the truth. You have to look at the truth, just like the picture, to understand the everyday mysteries. The truth in this book is certainly surprising to some readers, as are the “following” looks of Mona Lisa. This book is not only a collection of truths behind the shadows, but also a guide on how every person can deal with them. For the benefit of all and harm to none. This masterpiece not only allows the reader to see the truth, not only to recognize themselves, but rather it is a fan that gently and yet firmly removes the fog from our faces. It reads very smoothly and every page leaves you wanting more. This book works not only on the material level, but also on the other levels of being of each “I Am”. The author is particularly successful at putting information on paper in such a way that information can be absorbed depending on the state of consciousness. The more the reader deals with the topic, the more he or she penetrates into the depth of this book. Just like with the picture of the Mona Lisa. There should be a hazard warning on the book. This book will change your life, you will see the truth whether you want it or not.

Sandra P.

Thanks for the book. It moves from solving a world conspiracy to the level of my own BEING and also how I as an individual can work with it. The book provides aspects of life that I (unfortunately) have not yet been able to perceive in all their possible completeness.

Leonarda L.

Now I'm back from vacation and looked at your book again yesterday. As a repetition, I started again at p. 72 and up to p. 107. I won't read any further at the moment because I now want to use all the valuable information for myself so as not to get lost. A whole new chapter begins for me afterwards. I think the book subtitle UNUSVERSUM is borderline brilliant. You are probably also addressing a different readership. It could be that with the other title some people say, aha conspiracy book. It's so interesting, I was thinking about signing up for a seminar with Axel Burkhart because I was totally inspired by his words about personal freedom. Freedom would be possible with new thinking. Now with your manuscript, I have the feeling that I have been given anchor points on my way to this longed-for freedom that I can use to orient myself. There is no need to invent anything if you can share in lived experience. As I learned many years ago, you are a called one who moves forward courageously and purposefully, ready to pave the way for those who follow, in love, humility, gratitude and truthfulness. Through your honest and authentic descriptions (without lecturing) you encourage people to turn more towards themselves again. You let us share your experiences, that is. Your examples of success give us an idea that healing and becoming whole is possible on all levels. I have already integrated your “Oven of Grace” into an integral part of my everyday life, the results are sensational and the application is easy. It would be important to move forward in small but consistent steps, not to want everything at once. I use your manuscript as a workbook to develop more and more into who I AM. I can only recommend ILERA to everyone. It's incredible what changes this can make. As you so beautifully mention, we only notice when it is time, and everyone can and is allowed to pick out and apply what is right for them, to go from passive dreamers to active designers, so that life changes the way we want it to wish. Our inner guidance knows what is for and good if we listen and trust it. We have the free will to decide at any second which movie we want to play by only thinking and allowing thoughts that are good for this state in our hearts. I found helpful tips from Eckhart Tolle and Kurt Tepperwein on how to get out of the constant mental cinema. Joe Dispenza teaches that it is possible to move into the desired frequency field to the point of absolute bliss. If we understand ourselves as divine beings, everything is possible because we are everything. I'm really glad that you put all of this down on paper and are sharing your experiences with us. It will certainly be a valuable source of inspiration for many people, and I thank you for it from the bottom of my heart.

Gerhard M.

Despite the many frightening lies on level 2 of the book, it was an 8-hour long soul massage for me!

Inge F.

A book that you can/will keep busy with for years. I'm just starting Level 7 and I have to say that I've chased after too many gurus in my life. Now it's time for me. Thanks for the book!

Jasmine L.

Wow, really great. Nice reactions on the homepage. I'm happy about that and can only agree with the comments.

Frauke M.

Very exciting, touching, for reflection, for self-knowledge! The title “The World’s Lie” sounds very appropriate. Although I am fully aware of most of the lies, they still affected me greatly. There is a saying: what affects me affects me, and that probably also has something to do with me, because you can't avoid questioning your own situation (where do you resonate). Which can open the way to self-knowledge and therefore represents considerable added value in reading this book. ZB: Where am I? Where did I look away, remain silent out of convenience or cowardice? Etc. To be continued once I've read everything.

K. Cordin

Thanks for the book, it really opened my eyes too. I've already made it to the first 20 lies. I was particularly surprised by the lie about overpopulation. He's just about finished reading it and says the book holds you under its spell.


I've just started reading the book. You let something beautiful flow there. It is very very very very very good!

Margaret G.

The book is simply amazing – pure goosebumps...

Paul F.

The book turned out really well, I read it on a Saturday and realized how far I've come in my life. I think it's ok if I recommend the book to my three best friends... 


I already know it, I got it as a recommendation from a friend and I already read some of it back then! Congratulations! You did something really great there. I had already thought about something like that.

Heinrich H.

Thank you for the book “The World Lie”. Now that I'm retired I finally have time to take care of the unfinished core of my life/mind. The book is awesome!! Through the book I got back in touch with myself, it confirmed many of my suspicions about “LIE/Truth in this world” and I can now finally start working on the true potential of my life. Anyway, thank you very much for this book. I devoured it in one night and will continue to look closely at the exercises (UNUSVERSUS skills) over the next few months. Thank you thank you thank you!

Dr. Thomas N.

I'm just trying to organize my thoughts: Congratulations on this comprehensive work, which has put a lot of time, work, passion and heart and soul into it. Congratulations on the really well done design, which also contains a lot of creativity and love. Congratulations also for having the courage to tackle the many “hot topics”. The individual sections are undoubtedly thought-provoking. Some things I knew, some things were new to me. Thank you for letting me get to know new aspects. As a systemic constructivist, I have a hard time with the word “lie” because, in my opinion, everyone constructs their reality to their advantage in order to ultimately be able to cope with everyday life and often survive. To me, the word “lie” brings in an evil energy that I don’t think is necessary. I felt a constant discomfort that got in the way of reading the really interesting content. If I view the word (world lie) as a marketing provocation, it also encourages curious reading. And when I consider that very few people read a book completely, especially a non-fiction book, the subheadings are undoubtedly very well suited to giving an overall overview and, if necessary, reading into one or another chapter. Of course, the lie in connection with the conspiracy theories mentioned is a paradox, but one that also encourages curiosity. Critics will certainly try to label you as a “crazy” or “troublemaker,” but this also happens with other, more “harmless” topics. In addition, such “types” are welcome in the media.

Jens H.

Excellent, it completely corresponds to my views in everything - but I probably couldn't have written it so well. Until I came across page 52 and there the chapter about the “lie about the meaning of life.” I don't agree with your point of view here at all. Nobody “thought up” the question about the meaning of life; it has been around since ancient times; it was asked by ancient Greek philosophers and also by Goethe. Without knowing about it, I asked myself the question for the first time when I was around 12 years old - and since then it has remained the most important question in my life and at the same time the driving force that has motivated me to deal with many different subject areas. You had previously put forward your – justified – criticism of Darwin's teachings, which, by the way, had already been picked apart excellently by the famous Velikovski. Anyone who is a Darwinist considers the emergence of life to be a coincidence, the result of forces that interact by chance, and that is limited to our earth. Anyone who does not adhere to Darwin's theory therefore considers the emergence of life and species to be a planned process; they believe in a creation and therefore a creator. And then the question immediately arises about the purpose of this creation - and then also about its meaning, which is by no means the same thing - even at the risk of coming to the conclusion that there is no such meaning. Well, an interesting topic in any case, and I would be happy if we could exchange ideas about it - perhaps even as part of a lecture/discussion at Qe Vida? In any case, I will continue reading with interest.

Peter V

I have now read it all the way through and am deeply impressed by your work - and also your courage to allow deep insights into your soul. But: I struggled with the content and still do. I can't follow your ideas and suggestions - I think, and I mean this very seriously, I'm too stupid for that. But I will read it again - even if I don't have too much hope that my understanding will change. “Let go of hatred, anger and fear and open yourself to unconditional trust and love.” This is probably the core statement that bothers me the most. The assumption (or knowledge) that we are fully creators of our world, and further that we rest in the hands of a creator who is well disposed towards us, contradicts all of my (lower) knowledge and experiences. Unfortunately, I don't have a worldview that offers hope and trust - so I prefer to keep it to myself. I consider our existence to be painful, have deep compassion for all creatures - and do not want to increase their suffering with a negative worldview. In fact, I'm not completely hopeless that we could change our world for the better - just in a completely different way and with different means than you describe. So once again: Chapeau for your great intellectual achievement. May your positive message reach many people and enrich them. All the best to you Jens


I got so many ideas from reading the book that I would like to have someone with whom I could discuss the individual points... in any case, thanks for the book.


I particularly liked the poems and thoughts that accompany each level. We know the texts of Goethe, Rudolf Steiner, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Albert Einstein, Hans-Peter Dürr, Dieter Broers, Axel Burkhart, Ulrich Warnke, Jutta Belle, Jan van Helsing, Rupert Scheldrake, Margaret Fishback Powers, Kim McMille... Yes In this context, their works and findings appear in a completely different light.

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